About Red Balloon, Digital Design Agency

About us

Red Balloon are a digital & branding agency based in Reading, Berkshire UK. We bring together people, technology & creative strategy to produce high performance design for our clients.

Our clients partner with us to propel them forwards & keep them current in an ever-changing landscape. We inspire what’s possible & bring it to reality.

We ensure that people and brands have the right tools, communication, and experiences in place to educate, inform and motivate, fostering success and inspiration wherever an interaction occurs.

We carry this human-centred approach throughout our work, formed with a deep understanding of our clients needs and businesses. A commitment to doing what’s best delivers elegant solutions and outstanding results which help people and organisations grow.

Rock-solid processes provide a consistently high level of service;
we aim to increase our effectiveness with flair and foresight.

  • Agile Design The evolution of digital, brand and culture requires a holistic approach to overcoming design challenges, utilising traditional and modern techniques, as best befits the narrative. The result is high-impact, meaningful messaging and intuitive experiences that generate confidence, desire, and value.
  • Brand Identity We love getting to know what makes something or someone tick. We bring to life the unique values, culture and missions for brands, tuned to a genuine, resonant, consistent tone-of-voice voice.
  • Software development In these technologically able times it’s paramount to use coding best-practice from front to back. Security and data privacy are a top priority, and our development framework is robust, our features, and custom built plugins are scalable, and as bespoke as we need them to be to ensure feasibility and manoeuvrability.
  • Content Creation Wherever it lives and however we interact with it, content is that all encompassing term that is essentially the sum of the information placed in front of us. Therefore the content, the audience and the brand all need to be treated with care and respect and sing in song. Well written, impactful, precise content is vital.

Our Team

Working With Red Balloon

Bill Carey, Director

Bill Carey


Bill founded Red Balloon in 2015 and leads the agency. Seeking to build a team and develop people to allow the delivery of enterprise level products and uncompromising design that imparts genuine value to all, Bill works with both team and client with a proactive and reactive attitude to oversee the continued quality executed in our work at Red Balloon.

Outside of work, Bill continues to share his experiences and create new things with a love for design and art in general. His passion for music led him to DJ, produce, and, just as importantly, learn the theory behind music. Whilst his party days are mostly behind him now, he still gets his kicks from cooking, chess, and simulations.

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Mark Mizen, Developer

Mark Mizen


Mark joined Red Balloon as an apprentice developer, hungry to learn and with a desire to become top-class in his field. Quickly proving his talent in the realms of front-end code as well as behind the scenes, Mark now works closely with Bill to ensure advanced, secure and quality products are continually presented to our audience.

As an advocate of user experience and design in its own right, Mark helps us bring frequently complex digital applications to life in an apparently simple manner, and our team and clients can rely on him for a vast array of needs.

Outside of work Mark like to keep active with a newfound love for bouldering (climbing). Mark enjoys learning new things, from programming and maths, to mechanics, economics and politics. He expresses himself through creative writing and the process of devising livable worlds through table-top gaming and modeling.

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Dominik Cichon, Business Development

Dominik Cichon

Business Development

Dom joined Red Balloon post graduation desiring a career path with freedom to express his creativity and life experience. Dom’s hunger, adaptability and reasoning allow him to understand and draw from the key moments and factors of a users requirements.

As a keen prospect in the field of design and marketing, we are developing Dominik to help progress ours and our clients businesses through the application of design, communication and technology, and are excited for the future with Dom in the team.

In his spare time Dom enjoys photography and working with video, both shooting and editing. Dominik is a keen printmaker with a deep passion for art, as well as a love for boxing, both as a spectator and more recently as a way to train and keep himself fit and disciplined.

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Rachel Wyatt, Design Intern

Rachel Wyatt

Design Intern

Rachel is interning at Red Balloon for seven summery weeks, becoming a key part of the team as she learns and implements design and creative strategy through an epic summer of exciting launches.

Rachel’s inquisitive nature and gentle touch allow for a solid base to understand the practices and principles she will need to take on for a successful career in our field, and we’re excited to be a part of her development and help make that become a reality at Red Balloon.

Currently a student of Art and Psychology, Rachel enjoys creating films, illustrations and paintings in her spare time. When her joint degree isn’t keeping her busy enough, Rachel writes and blogs for the university newspaper and is part of a tag rugby team. She is appreciating the student lifestyle while it lasts, as well as this opportunity to gain experience in design.

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