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Reach new heights with your Data

We are experts at transforming raw data into actionable, useful information. Business Intelligence is the key to long term success by turning questions into data driven answers, no matter the sector.

◆ Business Intelligence strategy to help you get more from your data
◆ Empower your employees and processes to achieve more
◆ Turn time consuming tasks into automated one-click solutions
◆ Streamline multiple data sources into a single cloud based data warehouse
◆ We’ll choose the right technologies to meet your requirements

Red Balloon's conversion optimisation specialists analysing data

What can Power BI do?

Power BI can change how you operate and deliver value by driving processes and efficiency, whilst enabling your employees to achieve more. Power BI can make you more effective by finding insights in the data your business organically generates on a daily basis, factored around your most vital metrics and KPI’s.

Our Business Intelligence experts will enable you to

  • ◆ Accelerate and influence better decision making
  • ◆ Get a competitive edge
  • ◆ Streamline and protect your data
  • ◆ Empower your employees to achieve more
  • ◆ Revolutionise the way you handle data
  • ◆ Transform your raw data into interactive dashboards and reporting suites
  • ◆ Drive sales, reach targets and hit performance KPIs
  • ◆ Instil a data-culture into your organisation

Unlock your data

We will change how you operate and deliver value by empowering your employee’s to achieve more, instil new best practice processes, and increase efficiency within the organisation, transforming data sets into clean, digestible data models – powering live dashboards and interactive reports to drive decisions within your business
  • ◆ Financial Modelling & Forecasting
  • ◆ Survey Reports
  • ◆ KPI and SLA Monitoring
  • ◆ Performance Tracking
  • ◆ Sales Analytics
  • ◆ Campaign Management
  • ◆ Web Analytics
  • ◆ Project & Programme Management
  • ◆ Infographics

Machine Learning has never been more accessible. We’ll use your data to predict the future.

Red Balloon's Account manager discussing the progress of the strategy with a client
Red Balloon team working on page optimisation

Build your data story

Data drives your business, whatever your industry. We can help you harness the power of your data with class-leading visual dashboards and reports, allowing you an effective way to understand what is happening within your business.

We’re ready to help

Contact our Power BI developers today to start making the most out of your data.

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