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Art & Photography Specialist Marketing

A successful art or photography business is built off of interest in your work and commercial demand. We have a track record of working with some big names and helping them build their brand, reputation & following.

From bespoke website builds to show off your work to targeted marketing campaigns to sell it, our years of experience and results have earnt us the trust of some of the most prestigious & discerning photographers in the UK.

A few of our clients

A few of the photographers & art projects that we work with

How we help photography & art clients

Display your work in the best way

In the same way that it is imperative that your work look pristine in a gallery, it is absolutely critical that your work is displayed flawlessly online.

Our team strike a balance between the stunning visuals of your work alongside powerful stories and context. This balance helps the viewer to understand, appreciate and relate to your work. It’s also what builds attachment which can be leveraged to drive sales.

Generate interest in buying your work

One of the struggles of a professional artist is in making your work commercial and profitable. Our job is to position your art in the right light and in front of the right people.

Our objective is to help people to see & understand the value in your work, time & craft. Through a balance of stunning website experiences and powerful targeted marketing campaigns, our team strive to educate & tempt people to discover and purchase your work.

Grow a following

One of the measures of success for a professional artist is having a loyal following who are excited to see your latest instalments, projects and releases. We have a range of techniques to amplify your content & stories to grow your following.

The value to an engaged following is the ability to continually provide them value as to make a request for them every now and then. This could include book sales containing your last years work, ticket sales to a gallery event or even commissioned work opportunities.

How we work

What our clients think

Managing Director

Karen Yeomans Photogrpahy

"Working with Red Balloon is a fun creative process, they bring neat ideas and a great perspective to the project. Their proposals are well thought out and communication is easy and enjoyable. I look forward to our continued relationship and highly recommend them to colleagues and clients."

Managing Director

The Children of London Art Project

"It has been lovely working with Red Balloon from beginning to end. Helpful, professional and on the ball - thank you!"

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