Capturing why Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno.

Nothing Feels Like A Mizuno

We nurtured the Hashtag “Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno” and produced an evolving exhibit of photo and video content taken by Mizuno fans worldwide, providing a space to connect the Mizuno brand with the global community through their shared passion for golf.

What started as an advertising slogan was brought back to prominence by Red Balloon, evolving into it’s own gallery site and ever evolving landing page for the appreciation of Mizuno golf equipment and it’s golfers. Growing to become one of golf’s many truism’s, the “Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno” statement is discussed at length by public, influencers and wider industry, thanks to the patented and unique design and manufacturing processes behind the “pure and true” feeling of striking a Mizuno iron.

The page feeds in images and video from the main social networks for users who have used the hashtag. This is then moderated onto the wall by the client and curated automatically to ensure the best pictures are featured up top. Golfers often share their swing videos, new purchases and great shots using the hashtag, so this extra content helps build a well-rounded encapsulation of what Mizuno Golf represents to people all over the world.

Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno loading screen.
Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno homepage banner.
NFLAM user interface on a mobile.
Example of the NFLAM grid design in a desktop view.
Example of Mizuno's branded hashtag being used on social media.

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