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SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing
SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing

SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing

Successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns are not achieved by focusing on Google. They are achieved by focusing on customers.

We align all the moving parts so you can move up the rankings & see your traffic increase.

Top rankings are achieved through value

How Google decides what website should be at the top of their results

Google’s job is to return the best results for every search. The way in which it works out what is the “best” result is by looking at three key areas.

How users interact with your website, the technical back-end of your website, and how your business/brand is referenced around the web.

We are going to break down each of these 3 sections, and how we at Red Balloon work on these 3 moving parts to help our clients climb to, and maintain, top rankings through our exceptional SEO services.

Google’s business model, and why it matters to your SEO campaign

Google only cares about users and providing the best experience when they search. It doesn’t care about businesses or what you want. This is critical because it focuses all work back to the user/customer.

Everything you do (both for SEO and in business in general), has to come back to “is this legitimately helpful, useful or valuable to my customer”. More often than not, just by adhering to this philosophy, you will see a small to medium positive impact on your rankings.

The 5 areas of SEO that make the biggest impact to your rankings, traffic & success

Authoritative & valuable content

The content that you have on your website is how you are speaking to your website visitors. It’s exactly the same concept as one of your staff greeting a customer physically.

It’s a conversation. Are you anticipating and answering their questions? Do you speak with authority and provide value to enrich their experience?

This isn’t just about blog content for the sake of it. This is about you providing actual legitimate value to your users, on every single page, for every product/service.

Your users will love the addition of authoritative and valuable content, and so will Google. It’s a win-win, and something we’re extremely good at helping our clients with.

Authoritative & valuable content

A journey that your users will love

Not everyone is ready to buy right away. The vast majority of your website visitors will be coming to research who you are, what you offer & how "it" works.

They then take what they learnt on your website and compare it to other businesses.

Having a full user journey that takes people from “what is this product/who is this business”, right through to “I want this product, I understand the value & that I need it, and I can trust this business”, is essential (and dramatically increases your odds of turning those visitors into sales).

This isn’t always a quick or simple fix, but it has massive benefits to your users, as well as tremendous benefits to Google and your rankings.

A journey that your users will love

Improve your conversion

Google has become extremely smart. It now looks at “are people getting what they want from this website”. Now, this is very contextual, but also hugely important.

If you are an eCommerce website; are people buying from you? If you are an information website; are people spending a good amount of time and reading lots of pages? (As well as dozens of other options).

You will see a correlation between increasing your conversion rate through improving the experience you offer for customers and your search engine rankings.

We have an extremely scientific and creative method for dramatically increasing conversion, which is amazing both for SEO, as well as for your business in general.

Improve your conversion

Code and technical

The "behind-the-scenes" matters a lot to Google too. Technical SEO is incredibly important as Google reads all of the behind-the-scenes elements, and uses them to paint a picture of how good your website/business is.

Not only that, but many of the parts to technical SEO do have an effect on your users.

Imagine that Google is a restaurant inspector. It looks at the food, the tables & the main room (the onsite), but it also looks under the sofa in the waiting room, behind the fridges in the kitchen & checks that accurate records are being kept (the technical elements behind the scenes stuff that really matters a lot).

Many businesses forget to check and clean all these behind the scene areas, such as code, image compression, broken link redirection (and correct use of redirects), as well as many other areas. The ones that do work on these areas increase their rankings faster, as well as maintain a better website in general.

Code and technical

Our proven SEO process for success

1 Research

In line with Google’s whole purpose, we have to understand what people are searching for, their questions, problems & goals. Only then can we position you to be the best solution.

This enables us to focus on the most valuable work, not only to increase your rankings but to achieve top results for keywords that will actually drive paying customers to your website.

Would you rather rank for 100 keywords that don’t matter, or 20 that are hugely impactful? We think the 20 that will impact your business are more important.

2 SEO Audit & Website Review

Think of this as a physical at the doctors. We check the surface (onsite), take blood to check the inside (technical), and find the answers to what’s going on outside your website (offsite).

There is no point in randomly changing stuff and hoping for the best. We have to work out what needs to be changed and what is the most important to fix first. This initial audit is essential for getting you the best results in the shortest time.

The big advantage of this to you, our client, is that we are able to make the most impactful changes first, which generates results faster and for less budget.

3 Customer facing (onsite SEO)

We start with the work that will not only make an impact on your rankings but also to your website’s performance and conversion rate.

Odds are that you want an SEO service to increase your sales through higher rankings. By starting on the customer-facing & onsite SEO we are able to improve your rankings, but also how well your website turns visitors into customers. 

More traffic + more sales from that traffic = a successful campaign and long-term commercial growth.

4 Content

Content goes hand-in-hand with the customer facing (onsite SEO) stage. We ensure that your website is having the right conversations with your visitors at the right stages.

Again, this has huge benefits to your rankings in Google and search engines, but also for increasing your sales from all of the traffic that you receive. We want to get you the best rankings possible, but our primary focus is to do so whilst positively impacting your commercial sales and/or leads in the biggest, best way possible.

Content is the conversation that your website has with your visitors. How does your conversation sound at the moment?

5 Behind the scenes (Technical SEO)

We ensure that your website is clean behind the scenes, that Google can crawl your website easily & efficiently, and that everything is following industry best-practice.

From making sure your website loads as fast as possible, through to clean code, accurate schema markup is implemented, crawlability & indexability are accessible and smooth, no broken links and much more. 

We ensure the technical side of your digital business is up to scratch and working for you, not against you.

6 Reputation, mentions & links (Offsite SEO)

Our teams closely monitor your brand and how it is mentioned around the web, as well as encourage positive reviews, mentions and strong link building.

This is not just a practice of “get good links”. This is about growing your businesses reputation in the strongest way possible. Although crucial as part of an effective SEO campaign, we strive to position your business with authority, credibility & value. Better rankings, better reputation & more traffic.

Do you know how people are talking about your business online? What about the links you have?

Results from our process:

Local SEO
Local SEO

Exec PM

Organic traffic
National & International SEO campaign
National & International SEO campaign

Mizuno Europe & Global

Successful SEO migration when changing domain

What our clients think

Wilkins & Palmers group
Managing Director

Wilkins & Palmers group

“Not only have Red Balloon taken on our adwords/SEO campaigns for us, but they have created 2 amazing websites so far for our group of companies. Whatever they have done, has made our phones ring like mad! I cannot recommend them enough!”

Mizuno Golf
Brand Manager

Mizuno Golf

“We needed a local partner who would work closely with and be sensitive to the very specific needs of the Mizuno Golf brand. Red Balloon managed all that and have evolved the site beyond our expectations.”

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