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Sustainability Statement

We are Red Balloon, we reflect all humanity and place concern for our planet at the heart of our interactions with each other, our community and the world.

Red Balloon is committed to living to our values and to taking the responsible actions that reflect how we think. We collectively respect and appreciate the only place we can call home – Planet Earth – and we are mindful every day of our part in its preservation.

Our Aims and objectives

We are honest and aware of our own actions and inaction in order to create the change we need. We will replace existing habits with new ones that reflect how we think and make our impact as light as possible on our work, home, local and global environments.

We will measure our carbon footprint every three months and track our improvements and gains. We commit to recycling, using green modes of transport, having positive conversations with those around us, to reducing our energy consumption and more.

WWF states that the national average for annual carbon footprint is 9.3 tonnes in the UK. At Red Balloon, we aim to reduce our team annual carbon footprint down to below the national average by 2024. We will achieve this by:

What part do Red Balloon play in the community?
    • We will participate and volunteer for local environmental events and projects such as litter-picking, tree planting, river clean-ups.
    • We are part of the Connect Reading network
    • We will encourage others in our business neighbourhood to be more green and educate others via our social media platform, blog and presence.

Our campaign poster shows the importance of individual actions, helping us all work together for a cleaner and greener community

What things are we doing to be more environmentally friendly?
    • We will walk/cycle or take public transport to work at least a few times a month.
    • We commit to reducing consumption of meat and dairy products. We have meat-free days.
How do we save electricity in our office?
    • We save electricity by switching our monitors and electrical appliances off when not in use.
    • Our electrical appliances, such as our radiator and kettle, are energy-efficient.
How do we manage our waste responsibly?
    • Use compostable bin bags.
    • We dispose of our waste in an environmentally-conscious way. We bought bins for the office specifically to enforce this where there were none, and prior to this we took our recyclable waste away to our recycling bins at home.
What things are we mindful of when making purchases?
    • We make informed decisions about what we buy and where from, to match our environmental responsibilities.
    • We aim to buy locally sourced produce and groceries.
Next steps:
    • We have started small but we are moving towards making bigger changes.
    • We have started a ripple: We communicate our actions, challenges, ideas and successes in a helpful way to those around us. Our small pebble has already started ripples in our homes and working communities.
    • Constant review: We measure and document our individual and team effort and track the reductions in our carbon footprints each month.

We constantly talk about what we can do next!

We, ours, us: We have no other Planet to go to. We have no choice but to change our actions to preserve our home – Earth.

It is our priority to work in harmony with the planet, to pay attention to it, and take actions to slow and halt the journey towards irreversible climate emergencies. There is no more time to lose. Responsibility lies with all of us, collectively and individually. It’s down to us

The Team @ Red Balloon