The Children of London

A fairy-tale experience to treasure forever.

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The Children of London is an annual portraiture project by leading advertising photographer Richard Bradbury. A revered archive of children within London during one year, we created a website that showcased the stunning photography and invited visitors to become part of the story.

Work Details
Client Richard Bradbury
Scope Digital
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Richard needed a new website to exhibit his award-winning photography and garner more applications for The Children of London project, and allow visitors to intimately understand and connect with the journey they are about to embark upon.

Our website help parents understand the complete process and what’s involved from the photoshoot, to the application process, and that they can expect beautiful pictures taken within iconic and heartfelt London locations. The experiences promises to be much more than a simple photoshoot, and is something for the family to treasure forever. The website beckons parents to apply and support the project, which has produced over £60,000 for charity at time of writing.

Children of London Landing page website design
Children of London information page and responsive layout
Photographer about page and responsive layout
Digital marketing for Children of London website
We have continued to work with Richard to drive applications into the site through high performing digital marketing campaigns.

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