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EVECC Congress: PPC Digital Marketing Campaigns

EVECC Congress 2023
PPC Advertising

EVECC Congress, a leading event for veterinary professionals specialising in emergency medicine and critical patient care, enlisted Red Balloon as their digital marketing agency to create a PPC advertising campaign aimed at increasing event attendance and raising awareness through targeted paid search advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn.

EVECC Congress 2023

The Challenge

Despite its prestigious reputation and high-quality content, EVECC Congress needed to extend its reach and improve attendance rates for both its in-person and digital audiences for its event in Porto, Portugal. The goal was to build awareness, nurture consideration, and drive conversions, for veterinary professionals across Europe, on social media marketing platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook

By leveraging comprehensive digital marketing services, EVECC aimed to maximise its online visibility and engagement across these platforms.

EVECC Congress 2023

Campaign Design Strategy

Multi-Stage Campaign Approach: As a dedicated PPC agency in Berkshire, we developed a digital marketing strategy that included distinct phases for Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion to guide potential attendees through their decision-making process.

Landing Page Optimisation: A key component was the iterative optimisation of the landing page, which was continuously refined to enhance user experience and drive sign-ups to the event.

Engaging Creative and Ad Copy: Crafted compelling ad designs and copy tailored to each PPC campaign stage, focusing on the unique benefits and digital attendance options of the congress.

EVECC Congress 2023

Awareness PPC Campaign

Focus: To introduce the Congress event to a range of professionals in the veterinary industry. Our PPC services focused on generating awareness of this prestigious yearly event through visually appealing images of Porto, EVECC’s event logos and dates.

Utilising client-provided data, our Berkshire-based PPC agency produced a lookalike audience based on previous event attendees, and designed targeted ads focusing largely on the location and the dates to get people interested.

Our ads reached 92,979 users at this stage, engaging with veterinary professionals across Europe.

EVECC Congress 2023 EVECC Congress 2023 EVECC Congress 2023 EVECC Congress 2023

Consideration PPC Campaign

Focus: After spreading awareness of the event, our PPC marketing services were now tailored to nurture potential attendees and help with their decision-making in attending the Congress event.

We made multiple paid search ad groups focusing on the various offerings from EVECC Congress to get people more interested. Our paid search ads informed the audience about the different speakers, lab events, networking and exploration opportunities at Porto.

As part of our paid search digital marketing services, we went live with our new landing page to deepen user engagement, giving the user enough information about the event to seriously think about attending or even convert into a lead at this point.

Our ads at this stage reached 68,173 people, generating 562 visits to the landing page and 16 conversions.

EVECC Congress 2023 EVECC Congress 2023

PPC Leads: Conversion Campaign

Focus: At this stage, we concentrated on getting in-person attendees through comprehensive PPC ads detailing the event’s offerings, partnerships, and activities, hard selling the event as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Our PPC solutions consisted of running two targeted paid search conversion campaigns: one promoting in-person attendance at the EVECC Congress and another for the digital event, appealing to those interested in remote participation.

The landing pages highlighted all the benefits of attending and featured multiple CTAs and ‘Buy Now’ buttons, guiding users to view pricing options quicker and register for the event.

EVECC Congress 2023

The EVECC Congress event was a great success with 50% more attendees, thanks to paid search campaigns from Red Balloon, a leading PPC agency in Berkshire. We demonstrated the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed paid digital marketing strategy. Positive feedback from attendees we received and the substantial increase in participation highlight the campaign’s impact on the event’s overall success.

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