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WindowWorx Integrated Digital Marketing

Website Redesign, Social Media, PPC, SEO, Content Curation

WindowWorx, a premium doors installer in Reading, partnered with Red Balloon digital marketing agency to enhance their presence in Berkshire. Our digital marketing services, including PPC services, SEO, web design, and social media marketing, significantly boosted their website sales performance and attracted higher-quality leads.

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The Challenge

As a premium brand and an Origin Premium Partner, Window Worx needed to elevate its digital footprint to match its high-quality product offerings. The target was diverse, ranging from high-end homeowners to architects, all with a common denominator: the need for premium, reliable window and door solutions. However, the existing digital marketing efforts were not fully capturing this demographic’s attention nor effectively converting leads into sales.


Website Design & Optimisation

A comprehensive User Experience review against key competitors led to targeted web design enhancements:

User Experience Improvement: Web design and development enhancements focused on enriching product pages and streamlining conversion pathways, including the integration of a virtual showroom.

Trust-Building Content: Our Berkshire-based web design agency added articles answering industry challenges to build expertise and credibility.

Visibility of Partnerships: Increased prominence of partners and accreditations in the website design to underscore WindowWorx’s industry leadership.


PPC Advertising Revamp

Red Balloon’s PPC agency team from Reading spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of WindowWorx’s paid search campaigns.

CPC and Ad Quality: Reduction of overspending on CPC by at least £1 across all PPC campaigns in 3 months, and refinement of ad groups to minimise data acquisition issues.

Ad Content for Effective PPC Solutions: Improvement of ad content to achieve “Excellent” ad strength and establishment of clear conversion values.

Over the course of 4 months, our PPC agency has:


SEO Services Boost

Our digital agency provided targeted SEO services to elevate WindowWorx’s online presence in Berkshire.

On-Page Optimisation: Targeted SEO keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags were optimised on key pages.

Technical SEO Services: Our search engine marketing agency made improvements in website loading speeds and mobile responsiveness.

SEO Focus with Local SEO experts: Promoting WindowWorx as a leading door and window installer in Berkshire and surrounding areas, while focusing on partnerships with brands for premium product installations.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Content Creation: Our expert social media marketing agency provided a blend of aesthetic and professional content aimed at showcasing solutions and engaging with the audience on an emotional level.

Posting Strategy: Posts tailored for LinkedIn social media marketing, while leveraging existing work, company culture, and brand partnerships.

Brand Marketing and Professional Presentation

Through carefully curated content to highlight SEO and social media marketing management, WindowWorx saw a significant uptick in brand recognition and professional presentation online, highlighted by increased engagement rates and follower growth on the LinkedIn social media platform.


Window Worx’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy, centred on meticulous website optimisation, PPC leads efficiency, SEO overhaul, and strategic social media management, has positioned them as a dominant player in the high-end window and door market. Our digital marketing agency shows how an effective online marketing strategy can elevate a brand’s market position and boost sales through the right online marketing and web design services.

Contact us Today to boost your leads with our expert digital marketing services. We are a trusted digital agency in Reading, Berkshire, who can build your brand presence and drive conversions to help you surpass your marketing goals.

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