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PlastixPlus Integrated Digital Marketing

Website Optimisation, SEO, PPC

Plastix Plus, a reputable builders' merchant in Reading Berkshire, partnered with Red Balloon digital marketing agency for a transformation to strengthen its position in the competitive building supplies market. Our online marketing strategy included website optimisation, PPC advertising, SEO services, and timely product updates to boost online presence and sales performance.

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The Challenge

Despite its solid reputation for quality building materials, PlastixPlus struggled to effectively capture and convert its target market online. Previous digital marketing services and efforts fell short, necessitating a strategic overhaul with an experienced local digital agency in Berkshire, like Red Balloon, to better engage a diverse customer base comprising professional builders, DIY enthusiasts, and home renovators.


Website Design & Optimisation

As an experienced web design agency in Reading Berkshire, we kept much of the clients original website, giving it a big tidy up, with various UI and web design elements being standardised, and the code streamlined after multiple previous people had built on each others work.

User Experience Improvement: Optimisation of the product page layouts to guide users better towards purchasing decisions.

Trust-Building Content: Addition of customer testimonials and comprehensive product descriptions to bolster credibility and product expertise.

Visibility of Unique Selling Propositions: Prominent display of key benefits such as local availability and product quality, contributing to improved website design.


PPC Campaigns and Advertising Revamp

Red Balloon’s PPC agency led a strategic overhaul of the PPC campaigns resulted in higher ROI on advertising spend.

PMax Campaign Revitalisation: Generating PPC leads and conversions, for a paid search campaign which previously showed no activity, through Strategic Overhaul and Asset Optimisation

Keyword Optimisation: PPC solutions focused on targeted keywords that captured the intent of the core audience—builders and trade professionals.

Ad Content and Conversion Analysis: Redesign of PPC ads to make them more compelling, with clear calls to action.


SEO Optimisation in Berkshire

On-Page Optimisation: Targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags were optimised on key pages through our extensive SEO services.

Technical SEO Services: Combing our web development and search engine marketing agency expertise, we made improvements in website loading speeds and mobile responsiveness were made.

Local Performance: Promoting Plastix Plus as a local builders’ merchant, through our targeted SEO focusing on Berkshire, specialising in high-quality composite and plastic building supplies, including a range of trade windows and doors.

In 4 months, the expert SEO team at our digital agency accomplished:


Product Updates

As new products were introduced, timely updates were made across all digital platforms, keeping the content fresh and relevant. The web content updates combined with our local SEO services and PPC solutions helped increase views per user from 3.1 to 3.85.


PlastixPlus’s focused digital marketing services has substantially boosted its online visibility and sales affirming the company as a top choice for building supplies in the local market. Our digital marketing services in Berkshire, and beyond, exemplify how a well-executed online marketing plan with the right digital agency can enhance a brand’s competitive edge and drive significant growth in the digital landscape.

Contact us Today to boost your leads with our expert digital marketing services. We are a trusted digital agency in Reading, Berkshire, who can build your brand presence and drive conversions to help you surpass your marketing goals.

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