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SPEEDECK Foundations Integrated Digital Marketing

Website, SEO, Social Media, Content Curation

SPEEDECK Foundations, a leader in geotechnical and structural design near London, partnered with Red Balloon, a Reading-based web design and digital marketing agency, for a comprehensive digital marketing transformation. This initiative aimed to enhance SPEEDECK's position in the competitive construction and engineering market with our tailored digital marketing services.

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The Challenge

SPEEDECK provide innovative solutions in ground engineering, but struggled to convey its expertise and benefits effectively online. Their initial website design had out of date content that wasn’t accurately conveying the clients design and engineering capabilities, was attracting the wrong clients, and wasn’t structured to rank for any of their industry keywords.

SPEEDECK ultimately wanted to boost visibility online through our digital marketing services such as organic search, SEO optimisation, and boost LinkedIn social media marketing with a scalable platform.


Building an Engineering Brand

Red Balloons agency team led the web design strategy in collaboration with SPEEDECK, defining the user journeys of their target audience, architects and developers. We conducted in-depth research into the niche industry and a deep dived into SPEEDECK’s in-house geotechnical engineering and construction capabilities to fully understand the complex and innovative solutions offered.

The website is a central hub for ongoing brand enhancement, supported by continuous optimisation of the website design, SEO services, and active social media engagement through LinkedIn advertising.


SEO Expertise for a Niche Industry

Using our search engine marketing experience, we implemented a content led SEO strategy for SPEEDECK, significantly enhancing their visibility in search engine results with the new website design.

Red Balloon’s ongoing 10-month SEO campaign for SPEEDECK included curating case studies and blog articles. Our SEO agency team showcased the client’s design expertise, innovative solutions, and problem-solving skills, generating relevant organic search traffic for targeted SEO keywords.


LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

We believe in a social media agency confidently catering for the client’s audience, which is how we built up SPEEDECK’s LinkedIn with a tailored social media marketing strategy to enhance engagement and brand awareness. By promoting case studies and articles focusing on construction challenges, we highlighted SPEEDECK’s expertise in solving industry problems.

  • Posts received up to 95000 impressions and reached 50400 in 11 months.
  • Click through rate of 12.8%.
  • 700+ followers gained in 10 months.
  • Average of 1 website conversions a month originating from LinkedIn social media advertising.

SPEEDECK’s website and SEO overhaul led by a skilled digital marketing agency significantly enhanced their online visibility and reputation as a geotechnical and structural design leader. Red Balloon’s SEO experts implemented an effective strategy, combined with effective social media marketing content, while our web design team created a bespoke, optimised website.

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