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Wilkins Storage Branding & Digital Marketing

Wilkins Specialist Storage
Brand, Website, PPC, SEO

Wilkins Specialist Storage, a new commercial storage provider under the Wilkins Group, partnered with Red Balloon digital agency to begin a comprehensive online transformation. Through our expert web design and digital marketing services, we built the client's robust online presence and drive B2B lead generation for their specialised storage solutions.

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Wilkins Specialist Storage

The Challenge

Wilkins Storage, a new Reading based commercial storage was launched in Berkshire to provide secure, convenient, and cost-effective storage for businesses. A brand identity, new website, and effective digital marketing services were required to attract and engage business clientele from targeted industries and needs.

Wilkins Specialist Storage

Branding through Web Design

New Branding: Developed a new brand identity for Wilkins Storage, website design including logo and colour schemes tailored to the storage industry yet aligned with the Wilkins Group.

Sitemap Integration: Our web design agency created a new sitemap and user interface that seamlessly integrates with the corporate identity and emphasises unique storage services.

Website Development: Built a custom WordPress website focusing on user-friendly navigation and detailed service presentation.

Wilkins Specialist Storage Wilkins Specialist Storage

SEO Services and Content Strategy

Red Balloon’s SEO agency team implemented a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy for Wilkins Specialist Storage.

Targeted Content: Created detailed pages with targeted SEO keyword research, and user journeys explaining the features and benefits of each storage solution, tailored by industry needs.

Local and Industry-Specific SEO: Our SEO experts optimised for high-value keywords related to commercial storage, leading to significant visibility in search results.

Wilkins Specialist Storage Wilkins Specialist Storage

PPC Services: Campaigns and Advertising

Red Balloon’s PPC solutions delivered consistent and remarkable results for Wilkins Specialist Storage.

Efficient Ad Spend: Built and refined PPC campaigns to improve PPC leads efficiency, focusing on converting high-quality leads to reduce overall costs and increase ROI.

PPC Leads Optimisation: Adjusted paid search ad content and targeting to improve the relevance, click-through rates, and conversions.

In the course of 9 months (May 2023 – Jan 2024), the PPC team at our digital agency has achieved:

Wilkins Specialist Storage

Our strategic digital marketing services for Wilkins Storage’s have established a solid foundation for the brand, driving substantial growth and positioning them as a key player in the commercial storage industry.

The web design and digital transformation has created a dynamic online presence, effectively engaging a diverse business audience and boosting lead generation. As an experienced SEO and marketing agency, we have highlighted the impact of targeted online advertising, PPC services, and web design on scaling new business services in competitive markets.

Contact us Today to boost your leads with a trusted digital marketing agency in Reading, Berkshire, who can align your brand with your true vision and drive conversions to help you surpass your marketing goals.

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