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PROVIDE SESS New Website Rebrand

Provide Security
Web Design, Web Development

Provide SESS, a multifaceted security company based in Reading, Berkshire, required a website redesign to align their updated brand with expanded services and business direction. Under new leadership, Provide needed the new website to show how the company has evolved from a primarily event security service to include a comprehensive suite of services, strong core values and dedicated staff care and development.

Provide Security

The Challenge

The existing Provide website did not reflect the breadth or the sophistication of the services they now offer. The site was outdated and did not effectively communicate the company’s expanded capabilities or its commitment to quality and customer care, encapsulated in their motto, “Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.”

Provide Security

Our Approach

In collaboration with Provide, we embarked on a strategic overhaul of their digital brand presence, focusing on a user-centric design that aligns with their professional aspirations and market expansion.

Values and Ethics: A dedicated page to showcase Provide’s core values — Reliability, Integrity, Commitment, and Honesty (R.I.C.H) — was created, ensuring these principles are prominently displayed across the website.

Color Scheme and Design Elements: We integrated Provides brand colors and introduced clean, modern design elements that reflect the professionalism of Provide. The site layout uses strategic curves that match the angles in the logos to create visual splits that balance text and imagery.

Navigation and Usability: A clear, intuitive navigation structure was implemented to guide visitors effortlessly through the site, with a strong call to action on every page.

Provide Security

The Outcome

The redesigned website has dramatically transformed Provide’s digital presence, aligning it with their current and future business goals. The site now effectively communicates the full spectrum of their services, supports their brand positioning as a leader in security solutions, and enhances user engagement through improved usability and design.

Post-launch, we continue to support Provide with website maintenance and iterative improvements, ensuring the platform evolves with their business and remains at the forefront of technological and design trends.

Provide Security

At Red Balloon, we are proud of our partnership with Provide, helping them elevate their business and brand through strategic digital innovations. If you are looking to enhance your website and digital presence, contact us through our contact page to discover how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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