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E-Commerce Website Design for Sugoi Campers

Sugoi Campers
Wordpress Website, E-commerce, Web Design

Red Balloon transformed Sugoi Campers' digital presence with a fresh website design with easy-to-manage wordpress editing. The new website features an integrated e-commerce storefront and streamlined vehicle management, perfectly tailored to showcase their expanding range of camper van services and products for sale.

Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers

The Challenge

Sugoi Campers, a Hampshire-based camper van conversion company, needed an updated website that better reflected their growing business. Their existing site was outdated, hard to manage, and didn’t effectively present their range of services and products or the unique story about how Sugoi Campers came to be.

Sugoi Campers needed a professional web design with a modern, user-friendly website to support their brand, expanded products and campervan services. The website needed to provide a seamless user experience for their customers and easy content management for website admins.

With the client active on social and within their community, a blog and newsletter signup were required to keep their audience up to date on all the goings on at Sugoi.

Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers

Our marketing agency worked keenly to understand Sugoi’s unique industry and business needs. This collaboration allowed us to gather insights specific to their camper vans and brand values.

By fully immersing ourselves in Sugoi’s brand vision, our web design team were able to create a website that aligns perfectly with their brand values of Craftsmanship, Trust, Boldness and Experience.

Part of our research was a deep dive into Sugoi’s competitors and the wider automotive sales industry, taking lessons from national dealers such as auto-trader, as well as the unique businesses in the camper van conversions industry. This enabled our design team to create a website that was fitting for the unique needs of Sugoi’s business that was also rich with information for potential buyers.

Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers

We incorporated several key features and integrations into the new website to enhance Sugoi Campers’ digital presence, including an online shop, custom vehicle management and filtering, blogs and flexible wordpress page editing.

The WooCommerce-enabled storefront added to the website facilitates online sales of accessories and electric scooters, adding a new revenue stream. The campers section features a custom developed plugin for easy management and display of camper van listings, complete with galleries, key features and tech, related products, and enquiry forms.

Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers

The WooCommerce-enabled online shop provides a cohesive shopping experience throughout the site with a user-friendly backend for the admins. We simplified the management of vehicle listings and ensured all the vital product information was presented to the user early on.

Our integrations into the website makes it easier for Sugoi Campers to keep their inventory updated and accessible to potential customers who are interested in their bespoke camper van conversion products which they manufacture in-house.

Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers Sugoi Campers

To enhance content management, our web design team developed a toolkit of flexible editor blocks that allows Sugoi Campers to create and customise pages easily within WordPress. This approach provides flexibility and ensures that the site can evolve as the business grows, enabling Sugoi to continue adding to their website and keeping it fresh.

Red Balloon’s design of Sugoi Campers’ e-commerce website has significantly improved their digital presence, supporting their growth and enhancing customer engagement.

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