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Litter-picking: A Memorable Day of Restoration with the Red Balloon Team

Posted by Bill Carey in Community

Stepping away from the office, the Red Balloon team dedicated a day to litter-picking at a local park in Caversham. At the end, we filled seven bags with rubbish, transforming a neglected park area into a welcoming space. This is one of our commitments to sustainability and community care; it’s a small but impactful step towards a greener future.

litter-picking and bags of rubbish

A few weeks ago, the Red Balloon team took a break from our busy work routine to get involved in an afternoon of litter-picking (go green!). We visited a local park and recreation ground in Caversham, which had gradually become dense with accumulating litter, particularly in the tree-covered zones and a once-beloved sheltered area now sadly turned into a dumping ground. Motivated by our team’s environmental responsibility, we felt it was time to put this park back in its rightful state to provide solace.

We got ready with gloves, litter pickers, and a great dash of enthusiasm as we stepped into the park on our mission to restore it. Each corner we turned revealed a new piece of litter, there was a lot…

Litter-picking in park

Beginning our litter-picking mission

We weren’t prepared for some of the more unexpected discoveries that came our way. As we dug through old plastic bags and navigated the undergrowth, we found not just the usual litter, but a peculiar collection of items that sparked intrigue and laughter. Our haul for the day included nine golf balls, a frying pan, three footballs, a basketball, a gas canister, and £1.25 in change!

litter-picking and bags of rubbish

During our litter-picking experience

After just over two hours of work, we managed to fill seven whole bags with rubbish and debris, leaving the park spotless and free from all the plastic, cigarette ends and wrappers. The dull sheltered area transformed back into a welcoming space and the dense tree growth areas, previously decorated with old bags and discarded items, were returned to their natural beauty. We were highly satisfied to see the immediate impact of our efforts!

seven rubbish bags

We filled seven whole bags of rubbish in the park

litter-picking bags of rubbish in park

We were proud of our achievements

Our day concluded with a well-earned pint at the local pub just around the corner. As we enjoyed our food and drink, we found ourselves reflecting on the day’s achievements. We had transformed a space in our local community, discovered unexpected treasures, and had a lovely time together while doing it.

drinks outside the pub

A relaxing end to a fulfilling afternoon

Watch our video below to see our memorable day of litter-picking in action!


Our campaign poster shows the importance of individual actions, helping us all work together for a cleaner and greener community

Through initiatives like the litter-pick, we are continuously finding ways to uphold our sustainability commitment and try to build a better world for everyone to enjoy.

This cleanup at our local park is just one example of our broader efforts aimed at creating a greener environment for our community. We strongly believe that even our small steps can encourage others and play a role in building a more environmentally friendly future. Our commitment to supporting and nurturing a sustainable world is at the core of everything we do.

What will be Red Balloon’s next sustainability venture? Follow on @redballoondesign to stay tuned.